Why Buying a Used or Demo Model Car Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

There are many bargains out there when it comes to buying a new vehicle for you and your family and even though we all want a new model straight off the factory floor with that new car smell, sometimes our wallets won’t allow us to do that, as well as the wife or husband. One way to save quite a lot of money off the new price of a car, is to consider buying the demo model right there in the showroom. Sure, people have been sitting in it and yes, they have driven it a number of miles, but it was in controlled conditions and they weren’t driving it very fast. They must have liked the car in order to want to test drive it and so you know that it is a popular choice.

Great Discounts

A demo car is a vehicle that has been used for test drives and generally, the car will have only a couple of thousand miles on the clock. It is almost new and has been driven by careful drivers under the supervision of the sales person or it has been driven to and from work by the sales person themselves. Dealers like Phillip Mitsubishi then offer these great cars at a discount from the new price which gives you a great opportunity to get yourself a real bargain. Many dealers don’t give you a good price on a demo car as they insist that it is still new but at Phillip Mitsubishi, you can be sure of getting a real bargain.

Do Your Homework

It is important, however, to do your homework when it comes to considering buying a demo model. You need to look at the history of the car and to make sure that the car was not a program car. This is a vehicle where the car was used by a representative of the manufacturer and then given to the dealership. These cars will have been driven hard and will have a number of miles already on the clock. Always ask for the vehicle history report which will give you a complete breakdown of where the car has been and what is has been doing.


Be sure to check the warranty on the car. It should have one even though it has been driven before. Remember, the in-service date is when the warranty begins and you need to confirm this date to make sure that you are getting a car that still has warranty still left on it. Try to get the dealer to extend the car warranty, so you can get a few years happy motoring without having to worry about anything. If the warranty can not be extended further, then this is when you can press for an additional reduction on the car. Don’t be afraid to ask as they can only say no and if they say yes, then you are onto a winner.

Buying a used of demo model is a great way to get the car of your dreams with additional extras that you would generally have to pay more for.