Top tips for used van shopping

The Southern Motor Group in West Sussex know a thing or two used van shopping having helped many thousands of people to get the right van for their personal and business needs. Using their many years of experience with customers of all kinds, they thought it would be nice to offer you some high-quality advice regarding shopping for used vans.

Take your time- we can’t stress this enough. We understand that you may be dying to drive off in a new van as soon as possible, but it really is worth taking your time to properly inspect, test drive, and shop around. Failure to do so may mean that you purchase a van that you love initially, but could face problems with further down the line.

Ask questions – asking questions is vital to purchasing a good quality used van. Ask about the van’s parts, the repair or maintenance it may require, the service history…anything at all you wish to know about it (we often find that it helps to prepare a checklist of sorts before you go shopping).  If your seller dodges questions or refuses to answer them, look elsewhere – they may be trying to hide a problem with the vanand/or its history.

Inspect and test drive –many people remember to inspect the vans that they’re thinking of buying, but don’t think to ask to take them for a test drive. This can often prove to be a serious mistake; a van may look absolutely fine on the outside, but it could drive horrendously. As well as being an inconvenience to you, it could potentially affect your health and safety.

As well, it also helps to follow any gut feelings you may have – it’s surprising how often this works! It also doesn’t hurt to ask family, friends, or co-workers for recommendations regarding a good seller, but – ultimately; the only way to be guaranteed a pleasant used can shopping experience is to shop at a reputable dealership. Happy shopping!